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Management Philosophy S&T making the world a better place
Company motto-Future-oriented, S&T is making a great efforts so as to become the real strong power in an age of limitless competition based on field management, right management and transparent management. Goal-A company for world best, Management Principles-Keep an active way of thinking, Behavior Principles- Take action immediately after having an idea
A company for world best
S&T pursues a goal to become the world-best company even in a very small area rather than the biggest company that would do this, that, and other. Keeping it in mind that one should be the best in the world to survive the global market, we are taking our position to the most competitive company through maximization of the core capabilities in our specialized field.
Keep an active way of thinking
Nothing is impossible to the S&T family. It is because we can get valuable results if you do our best with the aggressive way of 'can do' mind rather than just sit down and give up without a challenge. Even if the challenge brings a failure, the S&T people will make a bigger success based on the failure.
Take action immediately
after having an idea
The rapidly changing environment requires not only the aggressive way of thinking but also the attitude for practice with which one takes an idea into action immediately. A company, not of just verbal promises but of practical action, is the objective that S&T pursues.