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CI S&T making the world a better place

'S&T' of S&T Dynamics means the combination of 'science' and 'technology,' as well as the concept of 'super' and 'top' reflecting our company policy and commitment for original technology, top quality products, and top class company. Also, '&' of 'S&T' stands for a 'nexus,' which means the bond or alliance to maximize the synergies in business without our business partners.


  • The width of the characters increase as it closes to the bottom to mean the corporate image and trust extended to our company, which is a company with strong foundation.
  • 'S' that symbolizes an arrow and the combination with the 'Red Accent' means the potential for development and dauntless spirit of challenge
    we have.
  • The dark blue color means the advanced technical capability and the elegant dignity, while Red color symbolizes future orientation.

Logo Type

Logo Type
  • The logotype was designed in consideration of consistency in the image and readability while maintaining modernized, and modest quality of
    the designs. The logotypes are used in support of the wordmarks and independently on their own for communication as a fundamental element of communication. For this reason, the standard color and shapes for them should be followed at all times.


Signature Signature download
  • A signature is a combination of the wordmark and the logotype, which are arranged vertically or horizontally in accordance with a certain set of rules. The type of signatures to be used should be chosen carefully in consideration
    of the layout of the space and the nature of the media where the signatures are to be indicated.

Exclusive Color

Exclusive Color
  • The exclusive color is one the three elements that form the identify of S&T Dynamics along with the wordmark and the logotypes. The indication of the exclusive color is required to be made their manifestation in color prints. The color samples or the Pantone color codes are used as the standard.