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S&T Motiv S&T making the world a better place
1. Prologue

Science is the ‘motive’ to create a rich life for mankind. Technology is the ‘motive’ to make the world convenient.

At the center of change benefiting the world...
Making a happy society through science and technology...
S&T Motiv is creating this.

Half a century of technology..

S&T Motiv is competing on the world market, leading change and innovation with the advanced science and technology of the precision industry in Korea.

Defense industry, automotive components, electronic devices, next-generation motors, Semi conductor machinery components and materials production...
S&T Motiv is quickly developing into a global force in creating a happy society and a peaceful world through our core technologies.

2. Business parts 1 - [ Defense Products ]

The first defense contractor in Korea...
S&T Motiv created the indigenous ‘K Series’ of the strongest infantry weapons boasting impressive destructive power and shot accuracy.

With it’s short barrel and butt-stock, the ‘K1A 5.56mm sub-machine gun’ is the ideal weapon to have when you are fighting in many other tactical situations.

The ‘K2 5.56mm rifle’ weapon, the elite rifle of the Korean military, and the ‘K2C 5.56mm carbine’ with upgraded performance capabilities design.

The ‘K3 5.56mm light machine gun’ of easy operation, being able to change gun barrels quickly and shoot 900 rounds per minute.

The ‘K4 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher’ devastates any armed opposition within a 1500 meter range in an instant and destroys armored vehicles through it’s mighty firepower.

The ‘K5 pistol’ and ‘DP51 pistol’ are highly sought after due to accurate firing of the world’s first fast action type hand gun.

The ‘K7 9mm silenced Sub Machine Gun’ is capable of silent fire with a built-in silencer, enhancing the survival rate for soldiers in special combat.

The ‘K11 dual-barrel air-burst weapon’ is built to fire both lethal 20mm air burst ammunition and 5.56mm NATO rounds with a single trigger.

The ‘K2 7.62mm machine gun’ is able to convert from a mounted model to a ground firing model.

The ‘K-14 sniper rifle’ which is ergonomically designed can be fired accurately from 800m due to it’s highly precise technical specifications.

The futuristic high-tech weapon, ‘Korea Special Purpose Weapon’, is made by combining machinery, electronics and IT.

The ‘K series’ which was created through successful research and development is prized by weapons experts around the world. These weapons have seen action in diverse areas.

3. Business parts 2 - [ Motors ]

The power to move the world. It is found through the technology of S&T Motiv’s sophisticated powertrain.

S&T Motiv will lead the global motor market with creative ideas and technical innovations from our  30 years of experience.

S&T Motiv is making seat motors, pedal motors, sunroof motors and so on are valued by global customers and are designed to enhance both safety and convenience simultaneously in order to optimize driving conditions.

S&T Motiv is also a leader in the development of an eco-friendly sophisticated powertrain motor.

Traction motor features high peak torque and power as the engine at the heart of electric vehicles.

Auxiliary motors and pumps reduce power consumption of idling engines in hybrid electric vehicles through the  pressurization of transmission oil.

HSG triggers the engine when it converts from electric vehicle mode into hybrid mode.

Transfer case actuator makes for optimal shifting between four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive through the transmission of electric signals.

DCT actuator changes gears automatically in response to  engine power.

Electric power steering motor with integrated electronic control system provides safety and  convenience.

In addition, the indigenous motor technology of S&T Motiv has created the domestically produced Azimuth drive used by high tech radars in the defense industry.

S&T Motiv motor technology is increasingly adding high value-added products, always with sustainable eco-friendly development in mind.

4. Business parts 3 - [ Electronics ]

Helpful information and joyful driving... S&T Motiv is making a technological utopia inside cars through the use of  high tech electronics.

S&T Motiv is becoming the leader in integrated multimedia information systems which combine machinery, electronics and IT based creative design.

Through ergonomic design, 3D graphics and full LED technology, the instrument cluster synthesizes vehicle information.

RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) provides media via two channels for passengers in the back seats and strengthens wireless connections for smart devices.

PDIM creates an atmosphere of comfort in the interior that’s compatible with a variety of media and audio interface systems.

With IT combining a smart phone and wireless connection, Front Display Module provides various content including navigation systems for you.

The temperature outside the vehicle, a fuel gauge, speedometer and compass of driving conditions and information is provided by DIC.

LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) simultaneously protects passengers and the vehicle by transmitting a warning signal as soon as a lane is departed.

If a any danger of collision is sensed, FCWS (Lane Departure Warning System) sounds an alarm or automatically engages the braking system.

Vehicles in blind spots are detected while driving, BSWS (Blind Spot Warning System) warns drivers beforehand about the risk of collision.

The All Around View System is capable of showing the vehicle’s 360〬 surroundings through four wide-view cameras.

HUD (Heads-up Display), advanced display technology, informs the driver of vehicle information, traffic information and so forth.

With camera AVR and air-conditioning control switch, we are expanding the global market for safe and convenient driving environments.

S&T Motiv’s electric control system is quite innovative. DCM (Door Control Module) allows you to control the doors and windows of a vehicle, TNB (Temoin de Non Bouclage, Seatbelt Lock Indicator Module) alerts passengers to wear seat belts, SDM (Airbag Sencing & Diagnostic Module) provides airbag deployment sensitivity in a crash. With convenient functions and perfect quality the market for these systems is expanding.

Advanced automotive technology through electronics and IT from S&T Motiv is making a happier and more convenient world.

5. Business parts 4 - [ Automotive Components ].

The optimum ride with the best reliability... S&T Motiv technology is making high-quality automotive components.

S&T Motiv continues to develop remarkable chassis, airbag and engine components, and business is growing.

The suspension module defines the best driving due to supporting the vehicle safely and providing the connection between the vehicle body and the tires on the road.

Shock absorbers take the pounding of the road for your vehicle with excellent damping,

Knuckles that connect the control arms with the shock absorbers,

ECS system which senses road conditions and controls the damping of the shock absorbers,

S&T Motiv’s chassis business of proven technology and quality is loved by customers, and exported from the domestic market to North America, China, India, Japan and Europe.

S&T Motiv is equipped with world-class sled test facility for vehicle crash simulation. Also, S&T Motiv produces all kinds of airbags such as driver airbag, passenger airbag, side airbag, roof rail airbag, and knee airbag in order to protect passengers’ lives.

Everyone desires throttle body and oil pump as engine components with a combination of high efficiency, low noise and a compact design.

Especially S&T Motiv’s oil pump for the 6 and 8 speed transmissions ensures eco-friendly and highly advanced technology as core components for vehicles that require high precision, cleanliness and quality.

S&T Motiv supplies only products of excellent durability and precision with the best design, and has vaulted the field in becoming a powertrain expert.

6. Epilogue

S&T Motiv continues developing, from die casting to the semi-conduct machinery components of the future high-tech industry. That is the new  frontier in the Korean precision industry.

In 1987, S&T Motiv was awarded a Quality Management Grand-Prix, so we are recognized as having established advanced Quality Management Systems in all fields of management.

By continually reforming the organization, ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Accreditation, we’ve achieved the optimum system of production to be suitable for those kinds of Global Standards.

Through domestic production bases of Busan, Yangsan, Changwon, Daegu, Boryeong, Gunsan and Incheon as well as a worldwide network of USA, Mexico, China, India and Europe, S&T Motiv reinforces marketing with our own technology in global markets.

Constant research and development by creative researchers and thorough quality control are preparing the next generation of excellence in technology and laying the cornerstones for S&T Motiv’s next 100 years.

S&T Motiv is trying to unite workers and their families through overseas study, English camps and cultural events in order to contribute to society with the S&T Motiv scholarship foundation and charities.

‘The long march from coast to coast’ which seeks to create a corporate culture of harmony will be a record of S&T Motiv’s new history to symbolize our challenging spirit and hearty team communication.

S&T Motiv manages for workers, customers and stockholders. So, keep your eyes on us as we become a globally top-rated enterprise.

At the center of change benefiting the world.

S&T Motiv!