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S&T Dynamics S&T making the world a better place
S&T Dynamics 전경
Establishment year
599, Nammyeon-ro, Sungsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyoungnam, Korea
Major Products
Auto Parts, Defense, Machine Tools,
Pipe Making

The precision machinery industry of Korea originated from S&T Dynamics, which was established in 1959.
It is producing core products of nation’s key industries such as high-quality auto parts, high reliability defense products, supreme-precision machine tools and medium-large size casting products on the basis of superior precision machinery’s technology in the dynamics field accumulated over half a century, and is come out of the gates to become the world leader in heavy industries field.

Major Products

  • Auto Parts
  • Defense
  • Machine Tools
  • Pipe Making
  • Casting Products
  • Wind Mill Powertrain